BEFORE you begin a Website Design, or a new business start-up, before a single word is put on a page, you must ask yourselves, how will we promote our business and also make our website a profitable part of our business? PPC, SEO or both. If you don't know, or you don't first have, a Marketing Plan, mapping out how you will promote & grow your business along with a complete competitor analysis, success is highly unlikely. We will also assist you in that task hopefully expediting success.
If you do not understand the statement above and all of it's intricacies, don't worry, you found us, & we do.
 Search Science is a Florida's Most Unique Marketing & Advertising Firm PPC SEO Specialists
About Us 

Here at Search Science our focus is a long term and ongoing marketing relationship with your company. We don't need to build your initial website. Should you do it in-house, have a web designer, or if you have a site already, we will work with whatever you have, as a project partner. SEO has various levels of implementation depending on your overall marketing program mix, we know how to determine the right program mix of SEO and PPC for you.  

There are many great designers and artists in the web business but they rarely consider the SEO and PPC requirements of the site that they are building. The web business has become so large and complex that web building has become very specialized, if done properly. Having the artistic ability to do a great site is a talent unto itself. Running SEO and PPC campaigns are a completely different set of skills and we have found that most talented artists, are usually not good at doing hours of running numbers and search algorithms as part of a scientific based marketing campaign. However, together our combined skills will provide a successful project.  
Whenever we build a website, whether it is one page or it is 500 pages, we do so with White Hat SEO and PPC in mind. This means that each page has a certain level of Search Engine visibility or is Search engine Friendly, and that we do the SEO work within a set of guidelines that search engines like Google prefer, as opposed to Black Hat Tricks, that can get a site banned. Search engines have changed over the years as has the technology and requirements to maintain high visibility. If we get a job to do the entire site, then we partner with our sister company to design sites as artistically creative people have a different set of skills than we scientific marketing folks. 

So call us whether to work on your existing site, to be a partner in designing a new site, or handle the entire project. You can be assured that the site will perform in PPC and or Salt Lake City SEO as you would like it to. Obviously we prefer to handle the entire project and we know, that we end up with more pages indexed when we do so A more complete definition of SEO is given below with a link to learn more should you like to. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Link To Article  

PPC along with SEO is our corporate expertise and is the newest and most efficient type of advertising available to an advertiser. It's efficiency is unmatched by any other type of advertising model available today, as a fee is only charged to the advertiser, when in fact a potential customer clicks on their internet ad, which in turn guarantees the advertiser that for EVERY dollar spent, their message or pIn short PPC is an advertising method used on search engines, advertising networks, content websites and blogs, where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser's website. Advertisers bid on keywords or search terms which they believe that people will type into a Search Engine entry box when shopping for the goods or services that they sell or provide. The higher the bid the closer to the top os the search returns is the advertisers ad*. When a user types a keyword search matching the advertiser's keyword choices, or views a page with relevant content, the advertiser's ad may be shown. These ads are called a "Sponsored link" or "sponsored ads" and appear next to or above the "natural" or organic results on search engine results pages.  

  Pay Per Click (PPC) Is Actually Paid Placement Services  
Most of the time, Advertisers want multi-engine PPC services. This is bidding on keywords, with focus, on several different search engines. By utilizing multiple search engines, advertisers are able to take advantage of the diverse user groups that are specific to different Search Engines and get the best result by reaching more people. Engines and ge* Today Google assigns a "Quality Score" to an advertiser's ad campaign. The "Quality Score" along with the bid determines an advertisers position on the search return page. This is one of Search Sciences expertise's and when used properly can gain an advertiser a higher position for a smaller bid.