Our Philosophy

  Search Rules and every website needs an ongoing daily marketing plan to Drive business to the site. A website that is not prominently featured when a search for that business or service is performed, is non-functional and useless. 
  Search Science is a Martin County Florida based Web marketing firm, consulting on business growth and marketing through PPC and SEO. Search result efficiencies are our corporate focus. Over 90% of Internet users, utilize search as part of their daily routine. An amazing 78% of Internet users utilize the web for their consumer products decisions. We know and understand how websites are found through search. Unfortunately, the vast majority, hundreds of thousands of companies build websites because they think that they need one, but which are basically useless to their business, as they are rarely found except by existing customers.

 There are thousands of web design firms throughout the world, but they do not have the real world business marketing and advertising experience that our executives have. Pay Per Click advertising when implemented by a professional, is regularly the most cost effective type of Internet marketing or advertising that is available today. That is "When used properly".

  Today a company can have a website designed overseas, but then will that creation address all of the issues required by you and your customers, or be truly the type of marketing that is effective here in the US. More importantly, do you know what those needs are? Here at Search Science we are true business, advertising and marketing professionals. We can effectively create anything from landing pages for PPC advertising, to a web based storefront with credit card payment ability that is prominently featured in it's respective category. 

  We have found that businesses benefit the most from a small website investment and a larger PPC budget. While we are successful at SEO we feel that in order to properly cover the amount of search terms that each business needs, PPC is the way to go. We believe that it is a much more effective way to spend marketing dollars than to continually pour money into website development for SEO purposes, or to spend big dollars on pretty pictures and Flash. But that is obviously not the case for every business and when we build a site or when we are an included partner in site building, the site is built to basic SEO requirements. This way even if we are going to focus on PPC we might be able to achieve a well placed organic return, which is obviously free. If we create the site properly, then even if this position is for a less competitive search term it is still advantageous for the advertiser.

Call us and we will discuss the various aspects and options in building a competitive site today. 

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